The future success of our company depends, amongst other things, on long-term sustainability work and responsible processes.  That is why we pride ourselves on working with people who have some of the smallest environmental footprints in the world. Sustainability is an integrated part of our business and we work directly with our manufacturers to make the supply chain more sustainable. We take responsibility for how our company affects the world around us and it is important for us to assess our environmental and social impact.

As the fashion industry is the second biggest industry in the world, we have a duty to help protect the environment.  We acknowledge that achieving a greener fashion industry is very challenging and that is why we aim to work with both our manufacturers and customers to achieve this. We can do this in many ways, from sourcing sustainable materials, to ensuring our manufacturers adhere to our social and environmental regulations, to encouraging our customers to wash at 30 as this reduces electricity bills and helps the environment. We have boosted our green credentials by adding the message ‘wash at 30' to our clothing labels and product descriptions online. Bottom line is, if there is a greener way to do something we will do it.


Shorso will continue to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not exist within our supply chain. Our supplier code of conduct requires all suppliers to sign up to our social and environmental regulations, including forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. In order to trade with us, suppliers must demonstrate how they will adhere to these regulations, focusing on but not limited to “Child Labour Avoidance”, “Freely Chosen Employment”, and “Freedom of Association” in line with the Modern Slavery Act. This agreement is mandatory and Shorso does not deal with suppliers who do not sign up to our sustainability clause. Shorso has a right at any time to audit suppliers for compliance against the sustainability clause. Shorso has a zero tolerance policy towards violations of the laws banning forced labour, slavery and human trafficking.  Shorso contractual agreements permit the termination of suppliers in any breach of the law banning forced labour, slavery and human trafficking. Shorso expects the supplier to implement rules and procedures by which they treat employees fairly to protect human rights. Compliance with legislation, including fundamental rights at work - in particular freedom of association and elimination of discrimination throughout employment. Shorso will continue to update its policies and procedures as required to ensure it maintains appropriate safeguards against any mistreatment of persons involved in its supply chain or own business.